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Please contact the proper location directly with any student questions, scheduling questions, call outs, etc.


Santee Music Academy (SMA)

San Diego School of Music (SDSM)
Office Coordinator: Kate Norvell-
Office Coordinator: Jadin Keil-

Please contact the general manager directly with any payroll questions, comments, or concerns.

General Manager
Bella Smith

Need to upload a recorded lesson?

Follow the steps below

1. Log into the instructor email with the following credentials.


     Password: SCMAinstructors1!

2. Click the folder with your name on it.

3. Click the "new+" button on the top left corner.

4. Press "upload file" and upload the proper file.

     Upload with the title: First Last- Instrument (day they take lessons)

     ex: Jane Doe- Piano (Thursdays) 

5. Message the front desk when completed.

Please feel free to view other instructor's videos as examples!

Close Up
Road Trip


Request Time Of Here

Please note all time off requests are subject to manager approval. Time off requests must be submitted one month prior to the request date(s). If a request is submitted past the month mark, the requested shifts must be covered.

Instructor Emails & Slack

Contact Information

Each team member has their own SCMA email [parent company- Southern California Music Academy]. Each team member also has a Slack account. Slack is the messaging service we use for team correspondence about studio updates, finding coverage for shifts, etc. If you do not have access or do not have in your log in credentials, please ask the front desk.

Mobile Phone
Wooden Toy Clock



We track our timesheets through QuickTime. When teaching lessons, be sure to clock in & out on the dot of lessons (ex: 3:00pm-3:30pm). Ensure all timesheets are entered in accurately a maximum of 3 days before payroll. Payroll is sent out on the 15th of the month, and the last day of the month.

Holiday Closure Calendar

Your vacations!

To simplify scheduling, we are closed on most holidays and line our closures up with the schools around us. The highlights in red are our holiday closures. No lessons will be taking place during our closures, however, our front desk team will be available for any questions you may have.

Holiday Closure Calendar-2_edited.jpg