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Sheet Music

Team Portal

Please contact the proper location directly with any student questions, scheduling questions, call outs, etc.


Santee Music Academy (SMA)

San Diego School of Music (SDSM)
Office Coordinator: Kate Norvell-
Office Coordinator: Jadin Keil-

Please contact the general manager directly with any payroll questions, comments, or concerns.

General Manager
Bella Smith

Need to upload a recorded lesson?

Follow the steps below

1. Log into the instructor email with the following credentials.


     Password: SCMAinstructors1!

2. Click the folder with your name on it.

3. Click the "new+" button on the top left corner.

4. Press "upload file" and upload the proper file.

     Upload with the title: First Last- Instrument (day they take lessons)

     ex: Jane Doe- Piano (Thursdays) 

5. Message the front desk when completed.

Please feel free to view other instructor's videos as examples!

Filming a Music Video


Request Time Of Here

Please note all time off requests are subject to manager approval. Time off requests must be submitted one month prior to the request date(s). If a request is submitted past the month mark, the requested shifts must be covered. Instructors must write lesson plan notes for substitute instructors in the student's Opus1 profile notes. Please review the employee handbook if you would like more details on your vacation time.

Road Trip

Instructor Emails & Slack

Contact Information

Each team member has their own SCMA email [parent company- Southern California Music Academy]. Each team member also has a Slack account. Slack is the messaging service we use for team correspondence about studio updates, finding coverage for shifts, etc. If you do not have access or do not have in your log in credentials, please ask the front desk. All scheduling updates and reminders are sent to your instructor email.

Mobile Phone


Your guaranteed pay! 

Music Class

Workshops are group make up classes. They are capped typically around 5-6 students. We host themed and instrument/level specific workshops. Workshops are make up credits for our students, or simply a free extra class for our students. This is our only person option for make up lessons. Other than workshops, we offer zoom lessons or recorded lessons as make ups for our students. We are ALWAYS open to new workshop ideas, if there is a music class you've always wanted to teach or something you want to start- please complete the workshop proposal below. 

We guarantee our instructor's pay for workshops. This means if you have 6 students for your day and 5 cancel, you're still paid for all 6. We are able to do that by each instructor coming in to teach one workshop class (50 minutes max) a month on an off day. They are typically done on weekends, but sometimes are available on weekdays. Workshops are one hour of your month for a full month of guaranteed pay for all student cancellations and such.

View your schedule, student details, notes, and more is the system we use. Through this site, you are able to view your schedule, submit a time off request, view student details and previous lesson notes, submit recorded lessons, and add lesson notes. Lesson notes are required to be entered in for each student by the end of your shift with the following as the minimum notes that will be accepted:

  1. Student's practice Items (you wrote in Journal).

  2. Overview of today's lesson plan.

  3. Something positive the student is doing well with.

  4. Anything the student may need help with.

       (ATTA Boy Sandwich)

Please reach out to the front desk with any questions or assistance.

Working on Laptop

Company Tools

Day-to-day structure, instructor libraries, daily reminders, training & shadowing, etc.

1. Training and Shadowing:

Training and shadowing is offered for all instructors at any time. If you want to learn a new instrument to teach, touch base on a teaching concept, etc., we are happy to assist! Let the front desk know and we will get your training organized.

2. Payroll:

Payroll comes out on the 15th of each month, and the last day of each month. Payroll is automatically calculate with Opus1. Please message the general manager directly with any payroll questions.

3. Instructor Daily Checklist:

Please view the instructor daily checklist below to learn how to structure your work day and ask the front desk with any questions.

4. Instructor Libraries (Inboxes):

Each instructor has a personal library. This is a holder with all of your books that you teach with and any other papers you'd like to add in (staff paper, chord sheets, individual music journal logs, student music, etc). This will be convenient to pull out daily, and if you are substituting- you can simply pull the instructor's library that you are covering for and view all student's lesson notes on Opus1 to know exactly what to use and do for your day. This will also be used as an inbox if the front desk needs to pass over any papers.

3. Need More Teaching Supplies/Books?:

Please message the location specific front desk line to request your supplies. We'll have them in as soon as possible!

A presentation at the office

Musical Ladder System (MLS)

Student Retention & Rewards

The Musical Ladder System is similar to a karate belt system, rewarding student's musical growth with wristbands, personalized certificates, and personalized trophies. The MLS is based off of a three month rotation system, students will get tested every three months. This is a pass or postpone, not a pass or fail- if your student isn't ready to take the test yet, please let the front desk and your student know we will postpone for however long you think to allow a little more practice time. You will receive a text/email, and a piece of paper with the students you will be testing. The paper will be inserted into your library that you can use to track the students you'll be testing that month. Testing is typically the 2nd or 3rd week of the month. The test is determined by you and completely aligned with the students lessons (if the student is working on chords, test them on those, etc). The testing process should be done as the following:

1. Test the student on their testing day.

2. If the student passes, hand them their pre-printed MLS certificate, wristband, and trophy (if they have one. trophies are rotated for every other test). 

3. Complete the student's "My Musical Growth" page in their Music Journal. (Essentially a progress report for parents)

4. Bring the student to the front desk to celebrate and take their picture with their rewards.

Note: Students are allowed to redeem MLS prizes from the prize wall at the front desk after every MLS test with their accumulate sticker points.

Musical ladder newsletter.jpg

Holiday Closure Calendar

Your vacations!

To simplify scheduling and to assist with student retention, we are closed on most holidays and line our closures up with the schools around us. The highlights in red are our holiday closures. No lessons will be taking place during our closures, however, our front desk team will be available for any questions you may have.

Holiday Closure Calendar-2_edited.jpg

Please be kind to our studio. We work really hard to keep things clean.

Please do not leave any water bottles in the rooms, leave papers around the studio, leave, pens/pencils/drumsticks on the floor, and please tidy up your room at the end of the day.

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